The future of economics in schools

Many still doubt the importance of studying economics in schools. It’s not a field that is generating much interest lately. Is it any wonder, that some sort of motivation has to be given to attract students to this field in some countries? Some schools offer this program as a sponsored program with the hope that more students will enter the program. What do you think? Is it a program worth saving?

The study of economics fail to capture the interest of many. Students in general view the course as unnecessary and boring. The importance of studying economics eludes many. Are teachers’ to blame for this lack of interest? Some think so. However, there is a general lack of interest in the course material itself.

Regardless of the general attitude of the majority, the study of economics is still relevant today. It is important to the future of any country. The approaches taken to teach the importance of economics however need to be replaced for more innovative methods. This involves making course material more interesting and relevant to students.

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